Happy new year 2013!

Hello and big thanks for all of your support during the last year!

A lot of things happened in 2012.

I started a little web shop for making it easier for you to get your hands on the miniE shield. The demand was bigger than expected and now there are more than 100 original miniEngines running with the red shield out there! I don’t know how many more there are.

Then, with thanks to Cinetics, the system was used for a very cool project where it was heavily further developed in terms of usability and also in terms of functionality. It was Kickstarted with big success and if want to check the result out, have a look here: CineMoco

For a project that started just as a little hobby project and for personal purposes – I think this is pretty cool!

Thanks again to all of you and have a great new year 2013!

I am looking forward to the steps the miniE system will take in the future.