Documentation miniEngine 2

This is a direct link to the documentation PDF of the latest miniE controller:

Download the documentation

All other documentation files can be found in the GitHub repository. I want to mention that the document for this version is not yet complete. So if there are any questions which the available documentation can not answer, please feel free to ask all your questions in the forum. I will do my best to help you there!

2 thoughts on “Documentation miniEngine 2

  1. Hello,

    very nice project has been primarily health in your hands

    This card itead studio 3.2 “TFT TOUCH MODULE ITDB02-3.2S to Can I use??? 65k color

  2. Love the project, looking to see if it can be modified for use as a camera tracker controller.
    BTW, the link to the documentation for miniE2 doesn’t work. Found the documentation ok on github.

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