Download miniE v2

All documents of the miniEngine v2 are placed on GitHub:

If you are a developer, you can check the repository out and commit changes to your branch or send pull-requests if you want to add the features you developed to the code.

A zipped file of the whole repository with all the data (Software, Hardware PCB Gerber files, Schematics, Documentation, Licenses) can be directly downloaded here:


9 thoughts on “Download miniE v2

  1. Hello Airic

    I’m a videographer from Hungary.
    Congratulation for your excellent job.
    I have an igus slider and I’ve just finished my edelkrone copy.
    I’m planning to make your miniEngine but I didn’t realize wether your tool able to play the same movement several times? Can I make 2axis motion control videography with this?

    Thanks Imre

    • yes it is possible. Currently the continuous mode does exactly that. You can define the distance to be moved, the total-time it should take as well as the ramping into, as well as out of the move (in percent of the total time the move takes). This Continuous mode is originally for time-lapse but it moves the dolly in a smooth way, so perfect for what you want.

      Later on there will be a dedicated video mode as well as more complex moves via key-frames. The motor-control engine is already key-frame based but there is no user interface for editing them yet 😉


  2. Hello Airic,

    this is really a great work, excellent.

    I own a IGUS based Slider with rotation, controlled by a MX2.

    After buying a milling machine and a lathe, i would like to build something like the eMotimo for panning and tilting, the mechanics should not be a problem, but the MX2 is not capable to control stepper motors, which where necessary for this. 3-Axis Motion Control would be great too, to add the Slider to the setup.

    Is it planned to controll 3-Axis, will there be greater changes on the hardware or could i buy the v2 and build my Pan/Tilt Head with this and add the third Axis later?

    Bulb Ramping would also be a very good enhancement, would this be possible.

    3-Axis, Key-Frames and bulb ramping – and your device would be the best controller available.

    Matthias 🙂

  3. Hello Matthias,

    3 axes will be doable through daisy chaining later on (I am not sure if the processor is capable of driving 3 stepper motors simultaneously with Bezier curve-based moves). The next release will for example have a feature to start multiple miniEngine 2 simultaneously via an external trigger input. This way you can have up to as many axes as you want.

    check out this thread in the forum for future features:


  4. Hi Airic,

    unfortunately i’m not very well versed with electronic circuits etc. Thats why want to ak if its possible to run an normal electric motor (just with one plus- & minus-contact) instead of the stepper motor (witch 4 contacts) without any problems? Is this possible or are there any limitations?


    • Hi Stefan,

      No, the system is designed to work only with stepper motors due to their reasonable repeat-ability. DC-Motors (the ones with just 2 wires) don’t offer this benefit


  5. Hi Airic,
    I built the hardware as you instructed. When I try to upload the software to Arduino, I go this error message

    size of array ‘mCurves’ is too large

    What do you think might be the problem?

  6. I’m building a 3 axis slider and motion controller. I found your project and It does exactly what I want, but I just need to add another axis. I order all the material needed. I just need to wait a more few days for the display. Meanwhile I saw this message on the forum:

    “Sorry, but you cannot register at this time because the administrator has disabled new account registrations.”

    It means the project was abandoned? Maybe I can help you to bring it alive. For sure there are a lot of people interested.

    For due be capable of deal with 3 stepper motors It should work only with accelstep, removing the curves. Do you agree? It’s easy to change that part of the code? Idealy we can use 2 or 3 arduino dues, but I don’t know how to integrate them. Any clues?

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