miniE v2 release

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I worked hard the last couple of days to get everything together and write an initial documentation. Now I am done and just released the miniEngine v2 to the public, to you. It is now available in the shop:

big set

..and all required files are committed to GitHub:

The ones of you that have any questions, please post them in the forum. I am happy to answer them there.


11 thoughts on “miniE v2 release

  1. Nice work Airic, thanks for sharing this with us, very much appreciated…. I have already bought mine 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, for making it easy, and for everybody.
    It looks like an open and wide window smiling happily…
    Great job Airic!!
    Merry Christmas

    • I did not actually plan that but if there is the demand I can surely do this. The price would go up quite a bit though. I’ll contact you via mail.


  3. Hi Airic,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the quick delivery which arrived safely this morning. Your lovely clear instructions got me built in an hour and working 15 minutes after that – many thanks again for a beautifully realised project – nice work indeed.

    • Hello Cam,

      I am very glad to hear that you received your order so soon and even more to hear that you got it up and running now. I will work on the software manual over the holidays so that every feature and functionality is known to all of you. One tip – try long presses also 😉

      Cheers Airic

  4. I ordered my system on Sunday, and received it on Wednesday, so a really quick delivery. As i want to integrate it into a housing i don’t build it together. Today the Display, the Big Easy Driver and the Arduino were delivered. Tomorrow i will have the time to build all things together.
    Sadly the display has no mounting holes, and the miniE too, i have to create a construction to mount all the things into a case.

    • Hej Sascha, nice to hear that all the orders are arriving fast. Regarding the mounting holes I have a tip. Check out the hardware site for the miniE2. The Arduino mounting holes fit to the ones of the BED board so that they can be brought down with stand-offs as legs. Also there is a case for the new system in development.

      Cheers, Airic

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