version 0.10 is out

A new version of miniE is out. The version 0.10 makes the code compatible with the updated Arduino SDK 1.0 and includes some other tweaks and optimisations. Please remember to update the RTClib library in your Arduino environment. Together with the version miniE version 0.10 a new documentation was uploaded. Have fun

6 thoughts on “version 0.10 is out

  1. This looks like a Great work!
    Currently i am trying to reproduce the miniE.
    i saw there are two OPTOCOUPLER in the shematic, for interfacing the remote.
    However, if i am planning to use a separate remote with my 350d this one:
    So my question is do i really need get these optocouplers? Where can these be bought, anyway?
    Thanks in advance and all the best

    • Hello Martin, I’m glad you like miniE. The remote system of cameras is a closed one. This means your remote has to close an internal circuit (the energy is provided by the camera itself) to focus (half press) or trigger the shutter (full press). The optocouplers are providing this functionality while at the same time shield the electrical circuit of the miniE from the camera system. This functionality is integrated to protect the camera circuit from the miniE circuit in the case something goes wrong.

      It seems you are from Germany, so you may have a look at (;ACTION=3;LA=444;GROUP=A55;GROUPID=3046;ARTICLE=2515;START=0;SORT=preis;OFFSET=100;SID=13TwrS1n8AAAIAAGaFdIce09d44f6acb896b405495ca135269f1e).


      • Great! thanks for your help. I do slightly understand this better now. Btw. are there some pictures of a build miniE available?
        i only saw the shield and the program logic. i would like to build my own, so maybe you could help me with an image of the project?
        thanks in advance and all the best

  2. The chronos project may be of interest for you. The track I am currently building is also based on the IGUS system. Of course there are many other possibilities and you will be probably find something in you local tool-/metal store.


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