Shades – a time-lapse movie

Hello everyone,

I finally got enough clips for a 4min time-lapse video. I spent the last 1 ½ years on refining my equipment and shooting some clips when possible. Here is the result:

It was shot using the miniEngine – bot with motion control as well as simply on a tripod. All 3 existing version were used.

For those with some interest how my time-lapse workflow looks like – it includes the following tools:

  • Adobe Lightroom for the development of the single RAW pictures / video frames
  • LRTimelapse for de-flickering
  • Quicktime Pro for combining the frames to video-clips
  • Final Cut Pro for the video cut

Surely this is just one of many, many possible workflows but this is how I do it.

I hope you enjoy it!

miniE v2 release

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I worked hard the last couple of days to get everything together and write an initial documentation. Now I am done and just released the miniEngine v2 to the public, to you. It is now available in the shop:

big set

..and all required files are committed to GitHub:

The ones of you that have any questions, please post them in the forum. I am happy to answer them there.


Shop update(s)

Hello everyone,

Just as a short update to where we are regarding the miniEngine 2 shop release. I got everything stocked now – at least for a small number of sets (more will come mid January). While waiting for the parts to come in, I worked intensively on the software so that you’ll have something cool to play with (I’ll post another update on this later). Today I will start working on a small user-guide for “how to assemble” and another one for “how to use” the system. When this is ready, I can hopefully put the new system into the shop the coming weekend. I will not be able to ship during 23. Dec and 5. Jan but for the eager ones of you, there will be some days to order before that. Thank you all for waiting and for understanding that I am working on the system in my spare time and that it’s just me working on it.

I am also very proud to announce that the original miniE set can now also be bought at “kids-of-all-ages” in Germany. Check it out!