Update on the next v2 release

Hello everyone,

I just committed the current development state to GitHub. This is not yet the next release but contains a lot of bugfixes and also new features.

miniEngine v2 Update

You’ll find the software here:¬†https://github.com/airiclenz/miniEngine2
The following changes are already included in this pre-release:

  • Bouncing functionality which allows to loop the moves in Video mode.
  • Multiple Language support. You can now add your own language to the system. German is already included in this update (Thank you Sascha Henke!)
  • Added Camera Focus feature to allow a separate focus phase before the exposure phase.
  • Fixed a bug that caused prevented correct saving of the settings to the SD card.
  • Basic Daisy-Chaining functionality is already included but not all features are in there yet.

In case you want to test this pre release, don’t forget to update the libraries as well! If you find bugs or error, please let me know. The final release will be ready in a week or two.

miniEngine v1 Release 1.2

I also released a new version of the version 1. It is just a minor update but it includes some improvements regarding the motor speeds. The miniEngine v1 is from now on hosted on GitHub: