About the miniEngine

The miniEngine is an Arduino based intervalometer and multi-axis-motion controller for time-lapse and video photography. It’s roots are based on the OpenMoCo system and it’s main goal was and still is to provide an open-source solution that is lightweight for in-the-field use while still containing a powerful user-interface for controlling all aspects of the video-shoot you want to realize. It aims at high configurability so that it can be used together with as many camera-tracks and camera-dolly systems available out there.

The miniEngine is stepper-motor based. This allows realizing affordable motion-control systems with high precision and great repeat-ability of moves.

This is the main screen of the newest miniEngine

Currently there are 3 flavors / versions of the system:

  • miniEngine v2
    • the most recent version of the miniE which is still further developed
    • Double axis control (multi-axis though daisy chaining coming soon)
    • Most advanced user interface of all versions
    • Smooth Bézier-based motion-curves
    • Multi-keyframe capability through Windows software
    • Supports 2 Limit switches per axis  
    • Supports 2 trigger inputs for controlling the engines behavior
  • miniEngine v1
    • The original and first version of the miniEngine
    • Single axis control
    • Basic user interface
    • Supports 2 Limit switches per axis  
  • CineMoco  
    • Based on the miniEngine
    • Ready to use system provided by Cinetics 
    • Single axis control (multi-axis through daisy chaining)
    • Simple and easy to use user interface

These are some of the major features the latest version of the system has to offer:

  • Integrated and easy to use user interface for changing your setup out in the field without the need of a laptop or other computer
  • Time-lapse and video recording using different “move-styles”. This includes Shoot-Move-Shoot (time-lapse only) and Continuous-moves (time-lapse and Video)
  • The motor-controller-core was developed to enable complex moves based on Bézier-curves
  • Multiple motors can be controlled simultaneously (multi-axis motion-control)
  • Easy to use Intervalometer with a high level of configurability
  • UI-Color schemes for optimized readability in different situations (e.g. red-scheme for night use)
  • Daisy chaining functionalities coming Q1 / 2014 (hardware is implemented and ready to)


Here is what the User interface actually looks like:

0360.900pxEvery setting has an integrated help

In the the settings menu (sub menu for motor settings)

0363.900pxThe user interface while manually moving a motor

0362.900pxThe pop-up menu for fast access to often used functions

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  1. Hey alter Freund, hab zufälligt deine Seite entdeckt.
    schon wieder fast n Jahr her. wie gehts dir?
    Freu mich wenn du mir schreibst. Derweil beschauliche Festtage dir.

  2. Hey Airic,

    i am looking for the miniengine v2. Why is it not available in the shop at the moment?

    best regards

    • Hello T,

      the Chinese producer of the displays is unfortunately permanently changing the hardware of the displays while still selling it as the same product. This causes the miniEngine to end up with the white screen problem more often than it works. As I do not want to sell a product that has a big chance to be un-functional in the end, I took it out of the shop. I am working on the problem though.

      Cheers, Airic

      • Hi Airic!

        I bought the kit for the v1 and I really would like to buy also v2,… do you have any dates forecast?


  3. Hello, is the project still there? There is support? Can I get in touch with you?

  4. Hello
    I like this Schild v2 For my self Projekt

    Habe you 1 or 2 For me

  5. dear sir;
    how can i buy last version mini engine pcb and software?

  6. Hey Airic,

    I was wondering if it possible to use your software to control a UR10e Cobot ??

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