I put a lot of efforts into developing the system as well as making it understandable as easy as possible. For this purpose I created a couple of documents and graphics that explain how to build your miniEngine, how to connect the external components like motors or kill switches and finally how to use the software.


As nothing that a human being produces is perfect, the available documentation might not answer all your questions perfectly. If this is the case please go to the forum and post your question there. With time and questions passing by, I will add the things that are (obviously) missing in the documentation to the material.

7 thoughts on “Documentation

  1. Greg Nuspel turned me on to this project. I plan to purchase a parts kit for his pano head and I am very interested in version 2 of miniE.

    How long before you will have boards for sale?


    • Thanks. I just now saw your response after posting two additional questions on your board announcement late last week.

  2. Hey Airic,
    I am working at a Panohead and finally found your great project.
    I order yesterday your big pack. And I’m looking forward to the miniME v2!!

    The reason i’m writing, I found a mistake in your dokumentation. At page two you say:
    CAM 2.5 mm headphone jack (DigiKey PartNo.: CP1-2503A-ND)
    LIMIT-SWITCHES 2.5 mm headphone jack (DigiKey PartNo.: CP1-2503A-ND)

    The both have the same DigiKey PartNo. I am trying to find a Limit Switch but not able to find the definitly right one.

    Will try on with my search!


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