miniE v2 update 1

Hello everyone,

it’s time for an update with some information where the project is standing.

First of all I want to thank Anderl who is helping me with the 3D development of the system. This is aiming in making the system as small as possible while taking care of the heat development and other arrangement tweaks (of much more components than the original system had). There will also be an enclosure for the second version of the system which will provide a safe and good looking home for your motion controller!

Here is a picture of the current state:


Another decision has been made – I am going for the Big EasyDriver. It will deliver the extra bit of power needed for avoiding (or at least minimizing) one of the biggest problems with the 1st version – missing torque. You can still use whatever stepper driver you like if you need something else than the Big Easy Driver.

Here is the bottom side of the system which will house them:


The 1st version of the PCBs will be done within the next days and after that they will be ordered immediately. When the 1st prototypes are running the actual development of the software can take off. I started with converting the software into libraries where it makes sense to improve the maintainability of the code and also to slim it down and make it more modular. Effectively this means rewriting almost all the code but it will be worth it!

I was able to gather very valuable input regarding the direction the system needs to take for being of interest even for professionals. During the last days I was working on benchmarking and tweaking different aspects of the system to meet these requirements (I never did this for the 1st system). One example is the repeatability of moves – precisely speaking the timing (crystal speed) differences of different Arduinos vs. their frequency stability. The figures that are coming back from these tests will help me in making the system more effective, stable and accurate.

Thanks too all of you that supported and continuously are supporting the project with ideas, input and feedback! I really appreciate that!

I am looking forward to the 1st prototype and to share some photos of it with you! Stay tuned for more.



8 thoughts on “miniE v2 update 1

  1. Hi Airic, your site and project are incredible ! I’m starting with Time Lapse and want to build my controller with Arduino. I’have developed my own software and since I’m using only on stepper is really simple, but your site gave me a lot of inspiration. My interest is in astronomy with TL.

    I have two questions for you:

    1- What drawing software are you using for your pictures (those posted on June 12). They look excellent, congrats !
    2- Have you consider Time Lapse + HDR ? I think is will require to take several shoots at the same position, between intervals.

    Thank you and regards from Colombia, South America.

    • Hello Andres,

      Thanks for your feedback! Let me answer qour questions:

      1) The pictures are not done by me but Anderl who is doing all the 3D work. I am not sure which package it is but guess it is a pretty expensive one. For more details please ask Anderl – he is active in the forum.

      2) Yes and this functionality is already implemented in the CineMoco system. The version 2 will receive HDR-features as well.

      In case you have any furhter questions please hop over to the forum – the better place for technical discussions.


      • Thank you Airic for your answers ! I will continue looking the forum 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I really want a sample of the miniE V2 to box up in the alu box I used for v1! 😉
    I´ll peek in now and then to follow the progress.
    In the mean time I´m working on a better design for my v1 box. I´ll post it as soon as I get there 😉

    Bent Are

  3. By the way:
    Are you going for the push-button-encoder solution or the touch screen for input?

    Bent Are

    • In the first place I am going for the push button / rotary encoder input way. I’ll need to figure out how the touch display can be used to improve the handling of the device.

      Cheers, Airic

    • There is no date know when all will be ready and fully tested. I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress though.


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