Documentation update

Hello everyone,

I finally managed to write a short section for the documentation which explains how to use the system. The biggest problem until now was that there were no pictures or other explanations what the different buttons actually do. I tried to make everything as self explanatory as possible and hopefully succeeded (because I never received a singe question on how to use the new miniEngine). Anyways, here is a picture with a description of the different button functions. Some more info can be found in the updated documentation.

[click to see the full resolution]

I also added all needed libraries into the GitHub repository, where you can download the whole project files, so that you have all you need in one download.

One more thing I’d like to post is a short but beautiful video by radixi, done with the new miniEngine 2 in some great Finnish winter (moon-) light.


2 thoughts on “Documentation update

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for a controller for my slider, 2 axes, mobile.

    I think what you are building and programming is exactly the right thing. Unfortunately, the website does not make you smart, the shop is also very confusing.

    is it possible to purchase the control system – hard and software? whether finished, or as a kit.

    vg sven


    ich suche eine steuerung für meinen slider, 2 achsen, mobil.

    ich denke das was du baust und programmierst ist genau das richtige. leider wird man aus der website nicht schlau, der shop ist ebenfalls sehr unübersichtlich.

    gibt es die möglichkeit die steuerung – hard und software – zu erwerben? egal ob, fertig, oder als bausatz.

    vg sven

  2. Hello Sven,

    Unfortunately the producer of the display was changing the underlying hardware (the controller chip) without changing the model number.
    This caused some of the displays to work and others did not. This was the reason why I removed the miniEngine 2 set from the store.
    If you are technically enclosed and want to try mode recent libraries that maybe support the display now, I would be happy to send you a set of the miniEngine 2.

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