eShop is now online

The eShop is now online. It can be found here. Thank you for your feedback, your interest and your patience! Here is a picture of one of the boards that is waiting to be send out to you:
miniE shield v1.3

18 thoughts on “eShop is now online

  1. will order soon, just asking my friends if they need also one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. okay just ordered 4 shields, hope this supports your work a bit ๐Ÿ™‚
    iam also looking forward to improve your software with bulb ramping in the near future ..

  3. One more question Airic, since this will be my first Arduino project, could you post photos of the entire assembly including your miniE shield? An instructional video would be amazing.

  4. Hello Airic,
    greetings from Greece.
    I just received the shield and that’s great.
    Unfortunately i have some questions but i will wait till you post the how to and info guide.ty

    • dit :I have got one recommendation for your webpage. It seems like there are a number of cascading stylesheet problems while launching a number of web pages within google chrome and opera. It is working alright in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check that.

  5. hi !
    I’m about to finish the dolly, Airic, just a little question… Where can I connect my external battery for the stepper ? (12V /800mA).
    I’m using a 12V/4A battery for timelapse in the field.
    Can I have the same power source for all the board and the stepper directly plugged by the arduino jack barrel ?
    Thanks …

      • Thanks for asking Raphael, I’m needing to know the same thing.

    • Yes, you can simply use the Arduino barrel input. This will power the whole system – the Arduino itself, the miniE shield and thus the motor driver as well as the LCD shield. My setup looks exactly like this.


      • That’s how I have mine set up but I don’t seem to be getting enough power to the stepping motor. I can feel it “energize” when it gets the signal but it barely vibrates. Doesn’t turn at all. I’ve experimented with the current adjustment on the EasyDriver board but still nothing. I feel like I’m missing something.

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