miniE shield documentation


first of all – BIG THANKS to all of you who ordered the shield or the set!

I followed your requests and created a little documentation that hopefully answers the questions you might have! Please drop me a comment if there is something left open or unclear!

10 thoughts on “miniE shield documentation

  1. Hello Airic,
    thank you for the info!
    I have a silly question…how do we cut those connections for the zener diodes?

    • Just to make everything clear, using the diodes is optional. The shield is fully functional without installing them and leaving the connections un-cut.

      However, if you decided to use the diodes, just use any sharp device like a utility knife to cut the connections. Please be careful to not slip and unintentionally cut any other connection!

  2. Hi Airic,

    Downloaded miniE and cinetics arduino sketches, but whe i try to verify prior to upload i get a lot of error messages
    For miniE mainly RTC related i tried commenting out did not help
    For cinetics a lot around glcd

    Do you have a email address somi can send you the log




    • Hello Carl,

      what you describe sounds a lot like you did not install the required libraries. Please refere to the documentation which contains a detailed descrioption how to set-up the Arduino SDK for the mineE. You can download it on the top of this side.

      The CineMoco GLCD problems should be fixable by installing the right version og the GLCD library (I used version 3). The link to this library can be found in the code at the very beginning right where the different libraries are linked.


  3. Just got feedback about my comment
    It appears I need better glasses!!

    Thx for the quick response!




  4. Hello Airic.
    Thank you so much for doing this great project. Its going to be a big help for me in making mine.

    Im doing a slider/camera trigger and had all ready gotten the (Big) Easy driver when I found your project and bought a miniE shield. Now I have the set in my hand and I am ready to solder. But I have a question ( I am new to electronics) :

    Is it ok if I only connect ground/step/dir/sleep from the Big Easy driver? And then connect power, ground and motor to the Easy driver?

    Kind regards from Copenhagen

    • Hello,

      because the BigEasyDriver takes more current than the EasyDriver I recommend taking the Energy (plus and minus which is ground) directly from your power supply. Then you can connect step, dir, sleep and the ground (miniE shield and BigEasyDriver need the same ground level) to the shield. Use the port in the middle of the shield – marked with ” ( MOTOR RAW ) ” – for this.

  5. I have build the MiniE shield, but i have some confusion for motor wiring connection.

    Which wire colour should correspond to AA and BB (from the mini E PCB) to the 4 wire of stepper motor, Red Black Blue or Green?


    • Hello Dimz, please refer to your motor documentation – I can not tell you how to connect it as I don’t know your specific motor – and the colors change from motor to motor….

      If you still have questions pleasre ask them in the forum.


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