miniE2 boards are going online soon!

Hello everyone,

I just ordered the first batch of shield PCBs for the shop. They will be blue and available as soon as they arrived. I’ll also order some needed parts so that I can offer sets for those of you that want to start quicker.

In the meantime I will continue working on the software. The first version which will be released will have motor control for 2 motors with the new Bézier-based-algorithms. Manual motor placement, higher motor speeds, all measurements in seconds and cm (no more conversions from steps to cm out in the field) and the better user interface are just some of the benefits which will be available in the first software release.

This first version will not be finished but be the first step to the system which I designed to be as capable as possible incl. daisy-chaining, video moves, external inputs and so on.

I am looking forward to getting it into your hands!


12 thoughts on “miniE2 boards are going online soon!

  1. Airic:

    Greg Nuspell referred me to you. I just purchased one of his panorama head kits and am very anxious to get a MiniE2 to control it. With Gregg’s Pano Head and your controller, it appears that the combination thereof will be as good or even better than the eMotimo TB3 Black. Please let me know when I can purchase one.

    I have made two attempts to sign up for the forum but I never receive the validation email. Can you please attend to that?


  2. One last question (for now 😉 anyway )

    Will the shield require the Arduino Uno as previously documented or will I need to purchase the Due?


  3. Hello Rod,

    I am glad to hear that you find the miniEngine usefull and even more that you were pointed to it. I can not tell you exactly when you will be able to puchase one but I am doing my best to be able to provide it within this year. You will need the Arduino DUE.

    I’ll send you a mail regarding the forum access.


  4. Great news, thanks Airic – my finger is poised to buy one as soon as 🙂

  5. Ouyeeeah!!
    Finally I’ve found what I was searching for the last two weeks…
    Thanks Airic for your website, really interesting.
    A video of youtube showing the miniE brought me to your website, and I was about to start to purchase the stuff for motorizing my slider when I’ve seen this post. I will yet I will wait for this component.
    By the way, where can we watch any time lapse of yours?
    Thanks and congratulations.

    • Hej Lluís,

      You’ll hopefully be able to get the new system within this year.

      And there are no videos from me online yet. I am working on a short 4 min video though which will be done when I have time again for shooting some more clips.


      • So, nothing to show yet. Well done. I hope you find time for going on with your short yet surely intensive film. I’ll show you mine as well, maybe next spring…
        Thanks for all Airi

  6. Hi Airic.
    What does exactly include the next kit you are preparing?
    I’m sorry I don’t know too much about electronics.
    Does it include the miniE2 engine, the proto or shield to connect to the arduino due, maybe a box to put it all inside?
    I understand we’ll need the adruino due, the motor and the timing belt or the threaded rod and the slider of course.
    Please, I tried to sign up for the forum but without a validation email. I promise not disturb too much…
    Thanks very much for all Airic

    • Hello Lluís,

      I am currently stocking all parts needed to provide a (almost) complete set. This includes the 2 needed boards as well as the electrical parts for bringing the basic miniEngine 2 to life. Just the Arduino DUE, the Big-EasyDriver(s) and the Display will not be provided by me. The sets will also not contain the limit switch connector (which uses a standard pitch so that a variety of available solutions ca be used).

      Unfortunately there is no enclosure for the system available right now. As the miniEngine 2 is just the controller, you also need your own track + motors which you can then control.

      Regarding the forum, please check you SPAM box.


      • Hey Airic,
        is it possible that you can name the display that will be needed, so we can use our extra christmas money to get it?


        • Yes of course. It is the ITDB02-2.4E available from ITEAD Studio (here).
          It should also be available in other shops all around the world (and possibly somewhere close to you).

          Cheers, Airic

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