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Hello together,

because the communication using the blog here is not the best way to exchange information (e.g. many nested comments that look very ugly and are hard to read), I added a forum to this site.

This will enable you to initiate communications, talk to each other and search the available contents. Also because all the information on was lost during a server fault, I thought it could be nice to have an alternative for you to ask me or look for information.

I hope it will help you in finding your way with the system! Please feel free to join the forum for asking your questions, discussing or commenting the system.

The home of the forum is here:

There is also a link in the menu bar.


5 thoughts on “new Forum

  1. Hi,
    I have one question.
    Where can i find libraries for Mini-E and sketch file ?
    it says some kind of faliture on site!

    thx in advance

    • Hello Bruno,

      Please read the documentation, it contains an installation manual too. You can find the documentation also in the forum (which this post is all about) as well as on the “Documentation” page of this blog.

      What do you mean with “some kind of faliture on site”?


      • it says like this :
        “System failure.

        Submitted by airiclenz on Thu, 01/31/2013 – 17:34.

        Hello together,
        during my last update of the main article an internal error happened and, due to bad circumstances, deleted all (almost 300) comments this project had. We were able to restore the main article but as I was informed, the comments are gone. 🙁

        Because this means that a lot of information was deleted, please have a look at in case you have a question. I hope my project blog contains the info you need. You’ll also find a contact form here to send me questions if you have any.

        Just as a little info to cheer you up: I am currently working on the 2nd version of the system and am looking forward to presenting the first results (you’ll find my Twitter account on the blog).


        Anyway I did found Documentation files but as I’m total noob in Arduino I can’t make it to work through Arduino IDE 1.5.1 .. Can You please help me understand it , how to upload program into Arduino 2009 AT328 with DFROBOT LCD/Keypad ?

        Than You very much in advance,

        • Yes, the site destroyed all the comments. This is why I created the blog to not have this kind of discussions as comments to a completely different blog entry (I really want to make thinks easier to find for all of you).

          Please read the documentation and follow the step-by-step guide in there to install the software – there should be everything you need to know about the installation process. This should work for all recent Arduino environment versions 1.0 – 1.5.1). If you still have questions, please create a thread in the forum (i’d really appreciate that!) where we can discuss any installation problems you might have. If you find any mistakes in the documentation, please let me know what the exact problem is.


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