Shop update(s)

Hello everyone,

Just as a short update to where we are regarding the miniEngine 2 shop release. I got everything stocked now – at least for a small number of sets (more will come mid January). While waiting for the parts to come in, I worked intensively on the software so that you’ll have something cool to play with (I’ll post another update on this later). Today I will start working on a small user-guide for “how to assemble” and another one for “how to use” the system. When this is ready, I can hopefully put the new system into the shop the coming weekend. I will not be able to ship during 23. Dec and 5. Jan but for the eager ones of you, there will be some days to order before that. Thank you all for waiting and for understanding that I am working on the system in my spare time and that it’s just me working on it.

I am also very proud to announce that the original miniE set can now also be bought at “kids-of-all-ages” in Germany. Check it out!


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  1. Great! I’m glad there are no problems with manufacturing 🙂

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