Want to buy a miniE shield?

More and more people are asking where to buy the miniE shield. Unfortunately there is no place to buy them at the moment but this may change in the near future. I am wondering how many of you would like to have a nice, high quality shield for placing all the required components (like the Easydriver, required resistors, jacks, …) for a reasonable price (same as a generic Arduino proto-shield but designed especially to serve miniE’s requirements). You can leave your vote in the sidebar.


7 thoughts on “Want to buy a miniE shield?

  1. CM how about starting a kickstater project? I think there is a real market for not only the miniE shield but for a complete slider + controller + enclosure + battery for less than $500. I’ve been working with the guys over at makerslide on a open hardware dolly system which could be powered by miniE. Here is what it looks like https://p.twimg.com/AlRSGZ9CAAAuH1-.jpg

    Now you have my email address contact me so contact me if you want to chat


  2. I am really interested in getting both the maker slide and this controller.
    What are you using to control the maker slide?

    I am starting from scratch so any advice would be great.

  3. I’d like at least two depending on price. Of course I acnnot speak for anyone else but I think most of the people who vote here would go down that route.

  4. I just spent an hour trying to get some information for the easy driver shield from spark fun and still have concerns. I beleive I need a robust stepper to drive my slider. I also need to isolate camera control with optometry-isolation. The person I spoke with had no knowledge about the functions of their products and timelapse slider usage.
    I pointed out Open Moco and the miniE in particular and suggested they become familiar with these products because their products are recommended here.
    The point being, finding information on how to assemble all the components needed to operate a slider control is fragmented, contradictory and virtually impossible for a non-engineer like myself to find and parse into a finished product.
    This makes my suggestion even more relevant that you somehow package your system into a product that someone like me can buy and use without jumping through never ending hoops.
    MiniE is compact, cost effective and works. I really encourage you to Kickstarter it and get it out on the market.

    • I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m interested in building an intervalometer with motion control on rails with a 2-axis carriage to attach the camera. I see a lot of great projects out there, but want to combine all the best qualities and, luck willing, produce a pro-sumer level unit available to interested people. I have access to CNC and other fabrication services, but trying to go from the ground up is a bit daunting.

  5. yo estoy interesado en el escudo miniE.
    gracias buen trabajo.

  6. Im very interested aswell in this shield once its available and we know the price… maybe more than 1 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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