Enclosures and a joystick

Hello everyone,

here are some news for you – fresh and hot!

Acrylic enclosures for the miniEngines

The first news is that Sascha Henke worked hard the last months to be able to provide nice looking enclosures for the miniEngines. The material will be acrylic glass – more precisely Lexan for easy customizations (e.h. drilling extra holes) if needed. His shop is online now and you can order them here: http://shop.epsh.de

I helped a little bit with the development and am also selling these enclosures for the miniEngine v1: shop.airiclenz.com
The ones for v2 will probably follow later.


3D Joystick maybe?

I also started working on some other possible features for the v3. The final product is still far away but I thought you might be interested in some of the development steps.


I bought a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck and will start experimenting with it as a possible 3D joystick. These things are dirt cheap (around 10€ on eBay) and thus a good and simple solution if they turn out to be usable. As this controller has a proprietary connector I thought I can simply use the PCB itself as socket. The test PCBs for verifying this arrived today so that I can start prototyping.


You’ll hear about the test result and other updates in later posts.